lördag 16 april 2011

Dr. Mercola om den viktiga regelbundna träningen...

Intensity is KEY for an effective exercise regimen, and the beauty of high-intensity, burst-type exercises such as Peak 8 is that it significantly cuts down on the amount of time you have to spend exercising. Full instructions on how to properly perform these exercises can be found in this previous article.
High-intensity exercises should be performed no more than three times per week, and only take a total of 20 minutes each session.Once you reach your fitness and weight goals you can drop down to once to twice per week as that is all you really need.
In addition to Peak 8, you'll want to incorporate other types of exercise to round out your regimen. A truly comprehensive exercise plan would also include strength training, core exercises and stretching.
And what about classic aerobic exercise? Honestly, most of the time spent on a treadmill is wasted, because you actually get the benefits of aerobic endurance as a side effect of high-intensity exercise!  Sure, it will provide some health benefits, but spending most of your time on conventional aerobic activities will NOT provide you with optimal health benefits, so limit the time you spend on jogging and long-distance running activities.
I did cardio for well over 40 years and seriously regret that massive waste of time and harm I did. Learn from my lesson and avoid making the same mistake I did. You will be FAR better off with Peak 8, strength training and some flexibility exercises like yoga

Sista stycket är väldigt intressant, och sanning. Exempelvis hur många timmar i "onödan" spenderar inte många människor på gymmet för att de har inställningen att "desto mer desto bättre" ?
/ Lina

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