måndag 19 mars 2012

The reality of your dreams

Imagine your dream.
Be your dream.
Feel your dream as a reality in your every day.
You will be there, you will create your reality of your dream if you believe it.

The thoughts is your key to your life.

But, don't be your future. 
Because even if it's important that you have dreams, you can't forget to leave in the now and be conscious.
Be aware about now, but also be aware about what you want to create - have a goal and live the present as you believe it will become your dream in the future.

How you look, 
how you feel,
where you live,
what you do,
you van control everything with your mind.
It's fantastic.

Think of that when you're punishing yourself with bad thoughts about yourself.

Put yourself on top and you will get results.

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