onsdag 21 mars 2012

Enjoy life

What is health?
I think, in many peoples thoughts their's the same kind of thoughts.

Health for me, is not about exclude, forbid and limit our life to just a few things, and feel bad if we do something "unhealthy". It's not about just eating salad, be superfit or so.
It's about way more things.

Enjoy life for what it is, make choices, have fun, move your body, eat good stuff, make love, talk with friends, shine with your fine and positive energy.
And - live your dream.

Sometimes you need to change things, because your physical body needs it to work fine and stay in good shape longer. So - do it! You may need to take supplements to supporting your body in this stressed world, so fine, it's ok. And most of us need to do that today, for many reason. It's totally fine. But don't forget the other things that make you feel healthy, like good food (not everyday junkfood and pizzas..), friends, dancing, art, shopping, cooking, traveling, etc.
That's what I'm saying.

Health is balance.
Just needed to write it down...

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