fredag 9 augusti 2013

Jumping through the past

Coming home, a lot has change in myself.
My mind, my knowledge, my experiences, my life, my body, my hormones, my passion and visions etc.

It's hard, It's intense, but it's beautiful and a part of life.
Growing up and change but still, be the same You in a way.

One year.

I am a woman, not a little girl - looking at those super tiny jeans size 0.

I feel strong.
And I am still the same person, but a bit different.
I still can't just lie down in the sofa all day without doing something sporty, smart or working on my website. Even if it's raining outside...

I am going out for a power walk, or maybe run now.. The rain is light, and i need some air.

One week in the countryside,
then back to Paris, my home country.

/ L

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